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Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They inspect services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. They also inspect and regulate services that care for children and young people.


All of our settings are registered with Ofsted under the National Standards for Daycare. Ofsted carry out regular inspections to assess our performance and compliance with their requirements.


Each setting has a link on their webpage to their most recent OFSTED report. 

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How we go Above and Beyond...

Higher Ratios than Required

We employ additional staff above the required Ofsted ratios and endeavour to exceed these.

Over 80% Qualified in Childcare

We currently employ over 100 permanent team members, of which over 90% are qualified in childcare.

In Depth Safeguarding Training

All staff receive safeguarding training on their induction, this is before they even start working in a setting. They also receive refresher and update training twice a year at our training days and staff meetings.  

All Staff First Aid Trained

All staff working with the children for three months or more are first aid trained, making all but the newest members of staff fully qualified in paediatric first aid.  

Continuous Professional Development

All staff undergo a continuous development training programme. Our team are always learning.

Daily Reports

Keyworkers are provided with ‘non-contact time’ to complete required reports.

Curriculum Oversight

We employ a full time, qualified primary school teacher who oversees all curriculum planning.

Highly Experienced Staff

We have a high ratio of graduates including several qualified teachers.

Children’s Corner Childcare is a member of the National Day Nursery Association, which is dedicated to the provision, support and promotion of high quality care and education to benefit children, families and communities. www.ndna.org.uk.

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Some Sample Comments from our Most Recent Ofsted Inspections

Rose Court received an OUTSTANDING grade from Ofsted! 

Comments include:

  • The highly skilled management and staff team demonstrate an uncompromising shared vision and purpose in supporting children and their families. They have high aspirations for what can be achieved and work cohesively to ensure they maintain the highest quality and standards of care.
  • The dynamic staffing team skilfully and expertly provide a rich and welcoming learning environment. They focus highly on developing children’s independence, self-esteem and communication skills.

  • Partnerships with children and parents are especially strong and very well established. The manager astutely considers the feedback she receives from children and their parents, and uses this to carefully identify ways to improve the quality of the setting.

  • The staff team is very well trained in child protection. They complete enhanced safeguarding training and receive regular coaching during staff meetings.
  • Children are exceptionally well behaved. Staff work coherently with the school to reinforce expectations of children’s behaviour. Children are friendly, happy and sociable learners. They express themselves freely and demonstrate very high levels of confidence

Valley View received OUTSTANDING in all aspects of their Ofsted inspection in December.

Comments included:

  • Parents are highly delighted with the excellent quality of the educational support and exemplary care their children receive.
  • Parents report how extremely pleased they are with the team of staff who know their children exceptionally well and who provide a nurturing environment for them.
  • Parents describe the nursery as being ‘like a second family’.
  • The dedicated management team is passionate about its role and strives for excellence.
  • Staff have an excellent understanding of where children are in their development and what they need to do next.
  • Staff are excellent role models. They treat children fairly and provide them with many opportunities to consider the feelings of others and to learn to take turns.

Bardsey received GOOD in all aspects of their Ofsted inspection

Comments include:

  • Partnerships with parents is strong. Parents contribute to their child’s initial assessments when they first start at the setting. Staff use this information to help develop a familiar environment and daily routines which help children to settle quickly.
  • Safeguarding is effective. Staff receive robust safeguarding training and explain they would take swift action should they have a concern about a child’s welfare.
  • Older children confidently identify letter symbols and match these to corresponding objects. Children thoroughly enjoy singing nursery rhymes and songs. They eagerly share their own ideas and independently pick what they would like to sing next.
  • Children make consistently good rates of progress according to their stage of development. They are well prepared for their next stages of learning and eventual move on to school.

Chapel Allerton received GOOD in Effectiveness of Leadership and Management and Quality of teaching, learning and assessment. We received OUSTANDING in there Personal development, behaviour and welfare assessment area. 

Comments include:

  • Parents are complimentary about the staff and say they would recommend the setting to others
  • Partnerships with the host school are strong with a consistent approach to children’s care being taken
  • Staff are incredibly thoughtful and support children to build on their already very good sharing. 
  • Children have an abundance of opportunities to develop their physical skills
  • Staff provide an excellent range of nutritious snacks for children to choose from.

Farsley received GOOD in all aspects of their Ofsted inspection

Comments include:

  • Teaching is strong throughout the setting.  They ensure that children can develop skills across all seven areas of learning.
  • Staff are excellent role models who have high expectations for all children. They sensitively support children, treat them with respect and teach them good manners.  
  • The well qualified and experienced manager is focused on providing the best quality of care and education for every child. 

Childrens Corner GSAL received GOOD in all aspects of the Ofsted inspection.

Comments include:

  • Staff skilfully support children to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills as they provide provision to foster children’s creativity
  • Partnerships with parents are strong.
  • There is a robust safeguarding policy and senior leadership ensure all staff implement this well in practise. 
  • Children have access to well-resources areas which help them to development their own ideas and problem solving skills. 
  • The staff team is fun and bubbly. They interact well with children and create a welcoming environment, where children can relax and socialise with their friends. 

Granary Wharf received GOOD in all aspects of their Ofsted inspection. 

Comments include:

  • Staff build strong relationships with children. They collect detailed information about each child and use this to help plan a welcoming and familiar environment, which helps children settle quickly.
  • Children develop a strong understanding of how to keep themselves healthy from a young age. For example, they learn how to take care of their oral health and brush their teeth after breakfast each day.
  • Staff are knowledgeable and demonstrate they would take swift action to address any safeguarding issues should they arise. Staff complete robust daily risk assessments to ensure the areas which children access are suitable and any risks and hazards are minimised. Safeguarding is effective.
  • Staff who work with older children are bubbly and energetic. They listen carefully to what children say and engage in their ideas during play very well. For example, children delight as staff respond to their ideas while they role play being the Gruffalo.

Headingley received GOOD in all aspects of their Ofsted inspection:

Comments include:

  • Staff provide an extremely warm and welcoming environment for children and their families. 
  • Children are very happy in the setting and have a close bond with staff.  Communication between nursery and home is very good.  
  • The leadership and management team places a high priority on children’s safety and staff are good role models promotiing an ethos of mutual respect.

Childrens Corner Moorlands received good in all aspects of their Ofsted inspection back in December.

Comments include:

  • Staff are extremely caring and affectionate with the children. The effective key-person system helps children to feel secure and to build firm relationships with staff.
  • Staff place a strong emphasis on promoting children’s communication and language skills. Children listen to a wide range of stories and borrow books to continue their learning at home.
  • Children develop all the key skills to prepare them for their eventual move to school.
  • Children are happy, sociable and very settled.
  • Staff provide children with a wide variety of opportunities to develop an understanding of the world. Children watch entranced as the squirrels climb the trees that surround the outdoor play space and sit on the fence.

Wigton Moor received a GOOD grade from Ofsted with good in all areas of assessment. 

Comments include:

  • Children comment that they thoroughly enjoy their time at the club. They talk enthusiastically about their friends and particularly enjoy craft activities.
  • Children are confident and happy. Staff provide plenty of encouragement and praise to promote children’s self-esteem.
  • Children have lots of fun at the club and staff are enthusiastic as they join in children’s play. Children continue to develop skills, for example, they take turns and share resources, and refine their physical skills as they make decorations to hang on a tree.
  • Staff promote healthy lifestyles. For example, they talk to children about their favourite snacks and the impact on their health. Children have opportunities for exercise and appreciate fresh air and physical activities each day.

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