Malawi Charities

The Dawson family have been involved in projects in Malawi since 2009 when Joe, the eldest of our three boys, visited with his school.  Mattie and Charlie visited for their first time in 2012, and 2015 respectively.

Since 2015, Charlie, a primary school teacher, has been visiting regularly for three months each year and has made many contacts in both Blantyre and Cape Maclear, a more rural village on the shores of Lake Malawi.

As a result, the whole family, supported by the family business, is now involved in a number of projects across Malawi. 

In 2018 clients, friends and associates were invited to sponsor a child to go to school. This project has proven so successful it will remain the focus of the charity going forward.

A special moment

Our Vision

“To create an enduring legacy by inspiring, nurturing and providing a holistic education of the most vulnerable children in Malawi.”

Changing Stars Malawi Logo

Changing Stars Malawi

The family made the decision to set up a formal charity in the UK which can support the work in Malawi.


This enables us to have a clear vision going forward. It was also important to have total transparency and accountability for the funds raised.


Two additional trustees were invited to join the family and their contribution and support is greatly appreciated.

Who we've helped



Every single pound donated by our sponsors is spent directly on the children in Malawi. Children’s Corner Childcare covers all expenses of any individual who visits on behalf of the charity to drive forward the aims and benefits to those in need.

Your £50 donation buys the following:

Pays for a new school uniform

Pays for the child’s school fees for 1 year

Any money left over after a uniform and school fees have been paid goes towards buying the family a large bag of maize and any addition equipment the school might require, such as books or desks.

Proud moments

“We can’t help everyone but we can make a life-changing difference to some.”