Our Nursery Charities in Malawi

We sometimes take for granted being able to provide love, warmth, food and care for our children. Not all children are so lucky.

In 2009 we adopted Open Arms Orphanages in Malawi as our nursery charity and more recently we have begun to support Mango Tree Nursery in Malawi too:

  • We donate a monthly sum, part of which funds the orphanages formula milk for babies. Donations can be made at https://www.justgiving.com/teams/childrenscorner
  • We send the orphanage donated clothes and toys.
  • Our children exchange letters, photos and artwork. This nurtures friendships and enables us to share the joy of our experiences whilst raising awareness of life for those less fortunate than us.
  • Parents, friends and family join us in our sponsored annual “Malawi March” around Roundhay Park lake each May.

In addition to these regular activities we host occasional special fundraising events, charity balls, and sponsored challenges such as the bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats completed by Lesley’s sons in 2013.

We have also funded equipment for children with special needs who are cared for by the orphanage. Edina is one such child, living with cerebral palsy; we sent her a special walker, wheelchair and bicycle.

In 2016, we have started to sponsor a village nursery named Mango Tree in Cape MacClear, Malawi. We visited in July with lots of pre-school equipment and toys, and following a further visit in November 2016, we set up a crowd funding page to raise capital to buy a brick-built structure for the nursery with a toilet block. The money has now been raised and construction has started and we visited in July 2017 to see that the toilet block is complete with the nursery currently being built.  

Two of our staff visited with Lesley in July 2017 to share good practice and learning with the staff at Open Arms and Mango Tree Nursery.  They witnessed themselves what an amazing job these charities do.  

Next year we are bringing one of the teachers from Mango Tree to our nurseries so they can also share our good practice and hopefully take some tips back with them.  

Lesley and Allan's youngest son Charlie has been over in Malawi for three months this summer (2017) and aside from working with Open Arms and Mango Tree, has also got involved in another charity in Cape Maclear who we hope to work with more in the future.  He and his friends organised a youth group in August 2017 expecting around 20 kids to turn up.  Almost 300 turned up on the day so they had their work cut out.  This will be something the children in Cape Maclear can continue to enjoy and benefit from in the future.  

Our commitment to helping these children is solid and we have lots of future plans so will continue to visit each year and do what we can.  

"We can't help everyone but we can make a life-changing difference to some." 

We would like to thank all of our parents and children for helping us to make such a difference to the lives of these very vulnerable children. All donated monies raised go directly to help the children.  We always cover any expenses and travel through the company.  

You can donate anytime to our JustGiving page