Farsley Day Nursery

Farsley Nursery is situated in its own private building, to the rear of Springbank Primary School.

Split into three open plan rooms dedicated to different age groups, Farsley Nursery offers plenty of opportunities for children to make friends, play and interact with their peers.

Farsley Nursery

The playschool is suitable for children from 6 weeks old to 5 years and can accommodate 70 children.

At Farsley Nursery we put a strong emphasis on outdoor learning, as well as providing The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, as we believe spending time outside is crucial to the health and development of your child.

Our outdoor play areas encourage children to investigate the natural world around them, building confidence and learning new skills while playing, exploring, and having fun.

Conveniently located in the centre of Farsley, the nursery is within easy reach of Pudsey and the surrounding area and is great for commuters travelling from Leeds to Bradford.

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“A fantastic nursery which is run by people who clearly have a passion for childcare.” – Kingsley

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Our Groups

Farsley Nursery consists of three open plan, age-appropriate playschool areas, ensuring your child is benefiting from the most suitable equipment and activities for their age. Each area is overseen by our experienced staff members who will nurture your child to grow, develop and learn at their own pace.

Children are encouraged to move freely between our indoor and outdoor areas, helping them grow in confidence and independence.

Minimum Staff to Child Ratio 1:3

Babies at this age are simply taking in the world around them, observing the sights, smells, sounds and textures of their environment.

Our team focus on gentle, tactile activities, engaging younger children while ensuring they feel safe and happy. Older children benefit from daily ‘circle time’, participating in group singing, celebrating key events such as Birthdays and welcoming new children to the group.

Minimum Staff to Child Ratio 1:4

Children in this age group are encouraged to explore the world around them both physically and imaginatively.

Our team collaborate with children in activities such as crafting, baking, reading, and singing, improving mobility and dexterity, as well as literacy and communication skills.

Minimum Staff to Child Ratio 1:8


At this age we support children to grow and develop key life skills such as toilet training, feeding themselves and dressing.

We encourage children to get involved with group activities and games, helping them build friendships and improve social skills while having fun.

Mealtime at Farsley Nursery

We serve three meals every day, as well as a snack of fresh fruit or vegetable sticks mid-morning and around 5pm.

Our team of experienced cooks prepare all meals freshly each day and use local produce wherever possible.

We can cater for any allergies/dietary requirements that your child may have and provide meals in accordance with this.

Meals & Diet

Healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy appetites

Mealtimes at Farsley Nursery are a fun and interactive time, where children are encouraged to try new things while developing dexterity and social skills.

We offer a wide variety of healthy, balanced, and nutritious meals throughout the day, inspiring children to build healthy eating habits from a young age.

Outdoor Play

We embrace outdoor learning at Farsley Nursery and venture outside every day in all weather conditions.

Children are encouraged to move freely between indoor and outdoor areas enabling them to explore their environment and learn new skills.

Children have access to a wide variety of outdoor play equipment, providing new challenges for all abilities.

Our Team

Our key staff at Farsley Nursery are all qualified in childcare and are paediatric first aid trained.

Our team members all receive continuous training so their knowledge is always up to date and we choose our staff based on their passion and commitment to providing outstanding childcare.

When your child joins the nursery, they will be assigned a key worker who will plan activities specific to their learning requirements and take a special interest in your child.

This key worker will be on hand to answer any of your questions and provide you with regular updates on your child’s progress.

“Staff are excellent role models who have high expectations for all children. They sensitively support children, treat them with respect and teach them good manners. Children of all ages behave extremely well.”

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Louise Booth

OOS Manager

Children's Corner - Emperor Penguin

Chloe Tidswell

Room Leader

Children's Corner - Emperor Penguin

Olivia Corbin-Phillip

Room Leader

Children's Corner - Emperor Penguin

Lauren Fozzard

Deputy Manager

Children's Corner - Emperor Penguin

Amy Fox

Nursery Manager

Looking for Tax Free Childcare?

We offer 15 & 30 hours funded childcare to eligible families, as well as working in line with the government Tax Free Childcare Scheme.


Looking for a Moorside Nursery?

Farsley Nursery is in an ideal location for families across the West Leeds area, attracting children from Pudsey, Bramley and Rodley.

We are easily accessible for people commuting between Leeds and Bradford and are close to the Leeds City Ring Road (A6120).
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I would recommend the Children’s Corner Group as a whole. My Daughter went to the Nursery in Halifax before it was sold off. I worked for the company for many years and then came back to the Farsley Nursery after 8yrs. This a lovely and friendly Nursery and highly recommend it.

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An excellent and well run nursery and childcare provider. They have cared for both of my children from babies through to current school wrap around care. Would highly recommend.

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Our child has been at the nursery for over 2 years and the staff are fab, friendly and extremely caring when it comes to the kids. The nursery is clean, run professionally and all areas of safeguarding have been considered and are in place. Our child is excited to go to and stay at nursery and is always full of new things to teach and tell us when she's collected.


Communicating with you

  • Daily Feedback

    When you come to collect your child, we will give you a verbal review of your child’s day including details of food eaten, sleeps and toileting and the activities they have been involved in. We will also let you know any achievements your child has made that day, plus any additional key information.

  • Settling in Reports

    Once your child has completed their first six weeks at nursery, we will present you with a settling in report detailing how your child is adapting to nursery and the progress they have made.

  • Learning Journeys

    We keep an electronic Learning Journey for each child attending Farsley Nursery. This online document is accessed via a unique password and includes details of your child’s achievements and photos of them throughout their time with us. This creates a fantastic record for you to keep and is a useful resource when your child moves on to reception class.

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Our Famly App allows you to stay in constant contact with the Nursery and your Key Worker, receiving updates, videos and pictures throughout your time with us.

About Children's Corner

Children’s Corner Childcare is a family run business that provides caring, friendly nursery environments for all children.

With over 20 years’ experience in childcare, we understand how to make the transition to nursery as easy as possible for your child, so they can experience all the benefits the nursery has to offer.

Exploring heights at Farsley Nursery

Additional Services

We understand that it can be hard to juggle everything you need to do.

That’s why at Children’s Corner we offer additional services to help out with day to day tasks, to make your life easier!

We offer a range of services such as…

Emergency Childcare

Childcare available at 24 hrs notice across all our settings.

Supply Shop

Forgotten to pick up nappies? Come use a supply shop for all the daily essentials.

Dry Cleaning

Drop your dry cleaning off and we can arrange for it to be cleaned and returned to the nursery in no time.

Parcel Delivery

Not going to be in for that important delivery? Have it delivered to us and we can keep it safe until you collect your child.

Take-away Meals

Nutritious meals available to pre-order, just reheat at home!

Photo Sessions

A photographer visits our nursery settings annually to take photos of our children and their families.

Shoe Fitting

Hate the trauma of getting new shoes? You’re not the only one, so we have partnered with local shoe shops who come to our nurseries for a shoe fitting and shopping day.

Hair Cutting

We have worked with a local hairdresser for many years to remove the stress of a child's first hair cut by having it done in a known space at nursery.

Busy Bags

Our Busy Bags contain all the resources you need to enjoy fun, engaging and exciting activities at home. Why not grab a Busy Bag next time you visit?

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Farsley Day Nursery

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Children’s Corner is a family run group who are passionate about ensuring children get the best start in life and have the opportunity of education.

We set up the Changing Stars Malawi Charity in 2009 with the primary focus of funding education for children in Malawi.

Every single pound donated by our sponsors is spent directly on the children in Malawi.

Find out more and about how you can help by visiting our website.

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