Settling In at Nursery

Preparing for Nursery

As your child’s nursery start date approaches it’s time to start thinking about the settling in process and preparing for nursery. We want all children spending time with us to feel at home and settle in at nursery quickly, so we offer three settling in visits before they start nursery.

This helps with settling your child into nursery and allows them to get used to the new environment and routine, as well as reassuring you that they are happy. We normally find that after three settling in visits children have adapted to nursery and are confident and relaxed, however, we can easily provide more or less visits depending on the child.

Children enjoy playing with blocks
Children’s Corner – Rockhopper Penguin

approx 1 hour

At this initial visit we invite you and your child to explore the nursery and meet our friendly team. We’ll get to know your child and discuss with you their likes and dislikes, daily routines and current stage of development, as well as anything else you’d like to talk about.

This is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the nursery and find out what your child will get up to while they’re spending time with us.

approx 2-3 hours

This slightly longer visit allows children to spend some time with us on their own without getting overwhelmed or tired out. Children have chance to get to know members of staff and other children better and take part in some fun activities.

We also usually try to incorporate a meal-time or a sleep-time for your child during this visit depending on their routine. When you come to collect your child, we’ll update you on everything they’ve been doing during the visit.

approx 3+ hours - full day

This visit allows us to really get to know your child and gives them the opportunity to experience a full day with us. We’ll have fun getting involved in activities and games as well as allowing time for lots of free style play. Your child will get the chance to make friends and bond with their peers and staff members and it’s great to see them come out of their shell and grow in confidence throughout the day.

At collection time we’ll let you know how your child has got on during the day and what they’ve been up to. We usually find that after this visit children are feeling very settled at nursery and are looking forward to spending more time with us.

What do I Need to Bring to
the Settling in Visits?


A pair of slippers or indoor shoes for your child to wear inside.

Clothes and Comforters

A small bag containing a change of clothes and any comforters your child may need during the day.


Appropriate outdoor clothing, such as a warm coat or an all-in-one suit for smaller children.


A sun hat and sun cream during warm weather.

We provide SMA milk, Avent bottles, nappies, and creams at the nursery. If your child requires anything different, it would be great if you could let us know and bring this with you in the original container with a clear label.

Settling in Reports

Regular Updates

We’ll always keep you up to date on everything your child gets up to at nursery and how they are getting on. After your child’s first six weeks, we will provide you with a settling in report, detailing how your child is settling in at nursery and the friendships, bonds, and progress they have made.

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Sickness Policy

We have an exclusion policy for sick children and staff which is strictly adhered to in order to minimise the spread of infection within nursery. If a child falls ill whilst in our care we will contact their parent/guardian to collect them. Please refer to the policy document for details about exclusion following different types of illness.

Safeguarding Policy

All parents should be aware that we have a duty of care to report any incident where we consider a child may be in danger, being abused or neglected.

Complaints Policy

We are committed to providing the very highest standard of care for your child. If you feel let down in any way, we would be more than happy to discuss and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Data Protection Policy

Data protection laws have recently changed. We wish to keep you up to date with the steps that Children’s Corner Childcare takes to keep your data safe and secure. If you require further information relating to your personal data please contact our Data Protection Officer, Mattie Dawson at or 0113 257 5625.