Superstar of the month

Each month we have a Superstar of the month from our company.

This can be nominated by parents, by supervisors or managers, or indeed by the staff's peers. We are looking for someone each month that not only does their job well, but that goes above and beyond what we would expect of our staff.

We have lots of brilliant staff and we wanted a way in which we can celebrate their contribution to our company. Each winner will receive £250 in their wages when they win.

We will also hold an Annual Awards ceremony starting in June 2018. This will be to look back at all the nominees and select winners for the following categories:

Setting of the Year
Manager of the Year
Practitioner of the Year
Newcomer of the Year

So please everyone take part in celebrating our staff and the amazing work they do each and every day. If anyone would like to nominate please email

We look forward to everyone taking part.

September 2017


Helen Murphy

Helen ran an amazing holiday club over summer with children from lots of schools not just GSAL who had heard about how fab it was. She had up to 75 children in each day from aged 3 to 13 and managed to keep them all engaged and happy. She led her staff effectively and all enjoyed their time at Chill out.

Helen often has similar numbers of children at after school care and despite not getting all her staff till 4pm holds the whole team and children together without complaint or fuss.


August 2017


Susan Bennet, Pamela Hardcastle and Sophie Ashman

Susan - for making and packaging lots of extra meals all summer for Bardsey nursery without once complaining about the extra workload and producing it all with a smile on your face.

Pam - for coping with making more and more meals as our numbers have grown and coming up with new ideas to make things run smoothly. Also for all the extra things you do such as the baking busy bags.

Sophie - for your care and attention to detail when preparing such child friendly food for our little ones (the pesto and Parmesan pin wheels and the pastry stars were a highlight this week) and in such a confined area. Welcome on board to CC and I'm delighted you've made such a great impression.

Congratulations to these three ladies and please know that we all appreciate the cooks job isn't an easy one but one that is very much part of our CC team.

July 2017


Janet Murton

For always being our go to person when we need somewhere covering for sickness or holiday.  For always giving 100% and putting herself out to help us and for cancelling her days off at a moments notice.  Mostly for being a loyal and supportive member of staff to all her colleagues and to the company.    

June 2017


Sarah White and Rebecca Clough

For averting a potential seizure in one of our OOS children by recognising the signs and taking appropriate action.  Twice! 

Carolyn Speight - for all her hard work in getting to grips with the connect system for accounts and acting with professionalism when dealing with difficult situations. 

October 2017 


Katie Peaker - Chapel Allerton

Char Hawley - Valley View

November 2017


Lynne Holme and Kay Stevens - Granary Wharf



December - Staff Advent calendar with 25 winners!


January 2018 


Sarah Lavin - Valley View 

Fran Collins - Moorlands



February 2018 


Kerrie Sinclair - apprentice at Farsley


March 2018 


Laura Hudson at Valley View

April 2018 


Vicky Garside at Farsley

June 2018


Alice Wilkes at Moorlands

July 2018 


Rebecca Ferris at Farsley

August 2018 


Hannah Richardson at Granary Wharf