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Our intuitive and integrated app allows you to keep in regular contact with the nursery and receive up to date information about your child’s progress and daily activities via direct messaging and push notifications.

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Events and RSVP

Set up events with auto-notifications and RSVP.

Stay Involved

You can engage by liking & commenting on posts.

Family Access

Create a separate Famly login for relatives.

Record Food Intake

Document meal and bottle intake in real-time.

Contact List

Create and view contact and emergency evacuation lists.

Meal Plans

Write meal plans for all parents to see.


Bookmark important posts to find them again later.

Free Access

Free for you or relatives on mobile and online.


Share photos, videos, and daily updates with parents.

Direct Messaging

Direct or group messaging straight to your pocket.

Activity Feed

You can see nappy changes, food intake, sleep, & more.

Building Stronger Parent Communication

We aim to create better parent partnerships with daily updates, instant messaging, and automatic reminders.

We are also able to update you on new events and share important or relevant documents via our app.

Receive updates straight to your pocket.

Receive photos, videos, observations and reminders