Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that parents and guardians will have a lot of questions about our nursery and out of school settings, so we have put together a list of common queries to help.


If there’s anything that we don’t cover or you’d like something explaining in more detail, please don’t hesitate to speak to us!

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Our prices are fully inclusive of meals, nappies, milk, resources etc.

Yes we offer both 15 and 30 hour funded places. Please see our full guide as to how this is calculated as an example. If you have any further questions please contact our Office on 0113 257 5625.

Our nursery fees are annualised over 51 weeks and paid on the 1st of each month in advance. We have found that parents prefer to know the regular amount leaving their account every month hence why we annualise our fee system.


After School and Holiday clubs are charged sessionally and paid by Direct Debit or Bank Transfer. 

Yes we do, you will need our Ofsted registration number. However we advocate Tax Free Childcare because of the benefits it offers parents. If you would like more information please get in touch with Head Office or find out more about our funded places.

Nursery Info

This is dependent on occupancy at the time of request but more often than not we do not offer term time only places. However for more information please contact the office or nursery in question and we can discuss further.

We do a variety of activities using in the moment planning. These might include: painting, playdough, sand and water play, Numicon for phonic development, Makaton (sign language) and many more. 

We operate on the premise that we develop the child’s interests using in the moment planning, adjusting our activities to the child’s interests throughout the day/year.

We run a 4 week rotating menu that caters for all preferences, allergies and religions. We use local butchers and grocers to ensure our food is fresh and it is cooked daily by on site cooks. We only use brown bread and freshly made sauces, nothing from a packet! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack are served throughout the day with fruit and drinks available in the rooms at all times

Yes! We go out at least twice a day regardless of the weather. We love to get wet and muddy but always make sure the children are warm enough and having lots of fun

Every child has a key worker regardless of how often they attend nursery. They take a special interest in your child’s development and well-being, planning activities for their specific learning needs and requirements.

During the settling in period children usually create natural bonds with team members and we choose their key worker based on these initial attachments. The key worker is responsible for reporting on your child’s development and providing support and advice to both you and your child.

Yes we do. We work with parents to do this as there are a lot of distractions at nursery and home is often the easiest place to get them into the habit of using the toilet/potty. We would start with sitting the child on the potty/toilet during nappy changes with parental consent. We take the child regularly to the bathroom and do reward charts with lots of positive reinforcement for good toilet practise. 

We ask parents to bring a spare change of clothing, any comforters that the child has at home, jumpers, coats and sun cream to cover all weather eventualities. However don’t worry if anything is forgotten we always keen spare in the nursery. 

Each nursery, after school club and holiday club offer different opening times. If you visit the individual pages they set out all the opening times and contact details you will need. 

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Parent's Info

Yes throughout the year we celebrate a variety of religious and none religious holidays which parents are invited in to join us for, some examples include mother’s/father’s day, Christmas, Divali, Chanukah etc.

We try to ensure our staff stay with us for as long as possible as we know the importance of the connections your children make with our staff. However personal circumstances do sometimes mean a member of staff has to leave us.

All of our nurseries that operate from school sites are not directly linked to the school. We liase regularly with the school and ensure transitions are smooth for your children.

Whether your child is attending our nursery or the school nursery it bears no impact on your child’s chances of getting into their preferred school. The school has no influence over this and attending a school nursery does not increase your chance in any way.

This varies from school to school. The process is either than we collect your child from their class or their teacher will walk them down to us. 

We have a mixture of qualifications from level 2 Childcare to Fully qualified teachers with many of our staff now holding degrees. For more information relating to your specific nursery/OOS club please contact the setting manager. 

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