Children's Corner Childcare


Transition through nursery will be effectively planned and managed. We have approximate age boundaries for moving children through the nursery this will be adapted to meet your child’s needs. Some children are ready for the next stage early whilst some need a little more time to adjust and may move through slightly later. It is our aim to ensure we pick the right time and make the transition happen as easily as possible. This will be discussed with parents and agreement made as to when this will happen. 

Our pre-school staff spend a long time preparing your child for school. We talk about school and what to expect, we invite teachers and pupils to come and talk to the children and make sure your child is ready for the big move. We even organise visits from their friends who left for school the previous year if possible so they can tell their friends what to expect.  Where possible we invite your child's reception class teacher to visit our setting so they can see your child in an environment in which they are comfortable. We will also share information with your child's school about their development and expected levels. 

 For all those other transitions, new babies, new houses, bereavements our staff are there to help the whole family. We endeavour to be flexible and accommodating, working with your child and the family to overcome any hurdles.

​"Working with parents towards the best start in life"