The Settling in Process

As your child’s start date approaches it’s time to start thinking about the settling in process. We strongly encourage you to take up our offer of at least three settling in visits – this is as much for your reassurance as it is for your child. We normally find three visits is sufficient, however if you feel you need further sessions this can be arranged. The visits are not mandatory and some parents feel comfortable for their child to start without this process.


What do I need to bring?
  • A pair of slippers or indoor shoes.
  • A small bag containing a change of clothes and any comforters your child may need during the day.
  • During the cooler months please send your child with appropriate outdoor clothing, such as, a warm coat or an all-in-one suit for smaller children.
  • During warmer months please pack a sun hat and sun cream.

Note: We provide SMA milk, Avent bottles, nappies and creams. If your child requires anything different we would ask that you provide this in the original container with a clear label.

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