All our settings have age appropriate rooms, each with equipment that is regularly safety checked for durability. Our rooms are managed by an experienced and dedicated team. The toys and activities available to your child are ideally suited to their stage of development, enabling staff to encourage exploration and learning at the child’s own pace. We venture outside every day unless the weather is very extreme.

Little Blues (six weeks – 18 months)

Minimum staff to child ratio – 1:3

At this very early age babies are simply taking in their environment, observing its rich sights, smells, textures and sounds. Learning how to respond, move and control their bodies; all major keystones for our ‘Little Blues’. The team focus on gentle, tactile activities whilst ensuring that younger children feel happy, safe and settled as they transition from home to nursery life.

We encourage social skills from the outset with plenty of interactive play and, for older children, daily circle time activity. This includes group singing, celebration of key dates such as birthdays and welcoming new children to the group.

Rock Hoppers (18 – 36 months)

Minimum staff to child ratio – 1:4

The team encourage children to climb, run and jump as language, mobility and dexterity develop. Enthusiasm for inquisitive exploration is nurtured, whilst children challenge themselves both physically and imaginatively.

Emperors (three – five years)

Minimum staff to child ratio – 1:8

With increasing independence, we begin to see individual characteristics at this stage in your child’s development. On joining the room, children are supported with key life skills such as toilet training, feeding themselves and getting dressed. Social skills are encouraged through group activities and clear learning objectives are pursued entirely through purposeful play.

Transitions and Preparing For School

Each child is an individual and with that in mind we plan activities to suit each child and their own needs. We are an inclusive company and we will always try to meet the needs of those children who need a little bit of extra support.

When we think your child is ready, we will speak with you about moving them into the next room, to embrace new challenges and adventures. For all those other life transitions, new babies, house moves and bereavements our staff are on hand to help the whole family. We endeavour to be flexible and accommodating, working with you to overcome any hurdles that life may present.

As pre-school children are honing their fine motor skills, their language is flourishing and they are hungry for knowledge. They are keen to share a rich variety of experiences and learn about everything offered by the world around them.

Pre-school children become involved with activities specifically planned to reflect the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), designed to support them in preparation for beginning school. Planning is fluid and constantly adapts. Early maths and reading skills, mark-making to develop writing and technology are all covered, along with imaginative play. These combine with new, extra-curricular activities designed to engage children in the wider community. We join events organised by the school and we introduce activities into the daily routine such as cookery and trips out to make purchases at local shops.


During their final term with us we talk about school and what to expect, we invite teachers and pupils to visit to help your child prepare for the big move. We even organise visits, where possible, from their friends who left for school the previous year, so they can share their experiences. We invite your child’s reception class teacher to visit our setting to see your child in familiar environment. We also share information with your child’s school about their development and expected levels of achievement. All of this helps to ensure that when your child leaves us they are confident and keen to start on their new learning adventure

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