Meals and Diet

Healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy appetites.

Our mealtimes are a social occasion and an opportunity to learn. Children sit in small groups with a member of our team who encourages them to try new things, engages them in conversation and, most important of all, leads by example. Where possible, we encourage self-service by the children at the table.

We take our responsibility to serve healthy, balanced and nutritious meals very seriously.

We offer a wide variety of foods from all the key food groups. Bad eating habits can develop early and we hope by exposing children to a wide and varied diet we can prevent this from happening. We serve three meals a day with an additional snack of fresh fruit or vegetable sticks mid-morning and at around 5pm. Our nutritionally balanced menus are prepared fresh daily by our dedicated cooks using fresh local produce where possible – delivered to our door. Children have access to fresh water throughout the day with milk being served at mealtimes. All of our children have their own cup or drinking bottle which is to hand at all times.


Download our sample Winter menu (PDF)

Toddler Meals
Milk Feed

Milk Feeds

We take care to work with you to ensure that we follow your own feeding routine, whether your baby is breast or bottle fed.

We support you in breast feeding for as long as you wish and we will ensure that a suitable space and privacy is provided for you within our settings. Alternatively, we can of course use your expressed milk.

SMA formula and Avent bottles are used unless you provide us with your preferred alternatives.


All weaning is done in consultation with parents to ensure we are following your preferred routine. We support baby led weaning and can provide blended food from our menu or alternative pure veg or fruit blends to support and encourage your child as they learn to eat independently.


Special Dietary Requirements / Allergens

If your child has any specific dietary requirements whether medical or cultural, we'll do our best to accommodate their needs.

All hygiene and health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to and, in accordance with legislation, we can identify all 14 allergens in any of our dishes should any parent require this information.