Communicating with you

At Children's Corner we appreciate the difficulty of leaving your child whilst you go out to work. We aim to provide shared care whether your child attends only one day or full time. We feel very privileged to be spending time with your children and we cherish every day with them.

We want to share information with you on your child's time in nursery, so we record key details as below.

Daily Feedback

Parents of children under the age of 2:
A report is sent to your nominated email address at the end of the nursery day. This details what your child has eaten; the frequency and length of their sleeps; toileting and the activities your child has been involved in. Any achievements are also noted. A member of staff may also discuss this with you upon collection of your child.
Parents of children over the age of 2:
When you collect your child we will give you a verbal review of your child's day including food, sleeps and toileting plus any additional pertinent information.


Communicating with Parents

Settling in report:
Completed with parents on each child’s first day at nursery.
On completing of your child’s first 6 weeks at nursery:
You can expect to receive a settling in report within 6 weeks of your child starting at nursery. This is a very brief report that highlights how the child has settled and the bonds they have begun to make.
Learning Journeys
An electronic individual Learning Journey is kept for each child during their time at nursery. It can be accessed via a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
This is a shared document between yourselves and the nursery and built around observations and photographs of your child's development. We take lots of photos so it is a lovely record of your child growing up and experiencing new things at nursery. All entries are dated to show progression and development through their time with us.
We encourage parents to contribute to these shared records themselves - it is lovely to see what your child is up to outside of nursery. We hope that parents will find this a memorable keepsake of their child's time with us. Access is via a password unique to each child but as it is online it is available for you to share with grandparents and friends should you wish to do so.
This is also an excellent resource for your child's reception class teacher to assess his/her progress at school entry.
Annual progress reports
Provided for all children, these are usually done in June and coincide with our parents’ evenings. A copy of this report will be given to you and a second copy will be put in your child's learning journey file.
Parents evenings
These are held annually in July, giving parents a chance to chat with their child's Key Worker regarding their report. We provide an overview of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the evening is also an opportunity to meet other parents who use the nursery. We try to make the evening a sociable event, featuring a short presentation on current issues from Nic, our Operations Manager.
Regular newsletter
This features details of any upcoming events, activities or changes within the nursery. A copy of the newsletter will be emailed and also posted to the news page of our website.
Parent's Area
In addition to the news pages on this site, look out for a parent's notice board in each nursery setting. This board contains information about the setting, the staff and anything which is upcoming. There is also information on services within the area.