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​"Working with parents towards the best start in life"

Children's Corner Childcare

Every child has their own personality, likes and dislikes. They all develop at their own pace. We strive to give children as many new, interesting and stimulating experiences as we can to allow them to grow and develop in their own way. Our children are supported along the way by their key worker and a caring team who get to know each unique child and their family.

All of our settings have age appropriate rooms.  These differ depending on the size of the nursery, with each room having age-appropriate equipment that is safety checked regularly for durability. A dedicated staff team, who have a wide range of skills and experiences, share our passion for good quality childcare and strive to provide the best.  

We strongly believe that a cuddle in a day goes a very long way.

All of our settings have outdoor play areas with a vast array of equipment. Children need outdoor play as an integral part of the day, so come rain or shine we access the outdoors.  We love puddle jumping, bug hunts, climbing, playing and most of all using our imaginations. 

Our settings operate from 7.30am (8am at Moorlands) until 6pm Monday to Friday. We close for two days each year for whole of team staff training and we also have a winter closure between Christmas and New Year. These dates are published well in advance.

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