The Nursery operates a key-worker system for all children regardless of how often they attend. Your child's key-worker will be identified to you and will take a special interest in your child's development.

We donā€™t like to assign keyworkers to children, we much prefer that the child chooses their own key person. We allow the settling in period for children to make bonds with the staff and chose the key worker based on these initial attachments. The key person is responsible for keeping a track of your child's development in their learning journey and providing support and advice to both you and your child. 

All of our staff work in close-knit teams, they discuss each child and their development, this helps provide continuity of care. Key-workers will be available to discuss any worries or particular concerns. Due to the varying patterns of work it will not always be possible to see your child's keyworker every morning and every evening, therefore it is important that all the staff working in the room are able to discuss your child's care and development.

Informing us of events which are taking place in a child's life, such as the arrival of a sibling or a house move may help us to assist you in preparing your child. Parents should be assured that any matters discussed will remain confidential at all times, as is our policy.


Key Workers

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