The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the Government framework for education for children from birth to 5. The EYFS grows and develops with your child from their first day at nursery to the end of the reception year at school. It is a well rounded framework with the emphasis on learning through interaction and exploring the world around them.

Children are always encouraged to learn through play, we provide a wide range of resources to stimulate all children. No two children learn at the same rate, we aim to expose them to a wide and diverse environment where participation is encouraged and every small achievement is celebrated.  

Each age group and child are planned for individually. The practitioners in each room develop focussed activities based on children's interests. We provide opportunity for learning in all aspects of your child's development. 

We collate an electronic Learning Journey for each child. This records every achievement and milestone your child reaches whilst they are with us, it is built around photographs and observations. Each parent has their own secure login so you can see and most importantly contribute your own photos and comments. It creates a lovely momento of your child's early years. Being electronic you can catch up with your learning journey on the go using your computer or your mobile phone and if you wish you can share with grandparents and friends.

All of our staff are fully trained to deliver the EYFS and we ensure regular meetings and updates keeps them on top of the game. Our Operations Manager is a part time Ofsted inspector so always gets the training ahead of any new changes going live, and passes this on to our staff through regular staff training.  

We provide an overview of the EYFS on our parents evenings, however if you want more detailed information click the link below.​

Early Years Foundation Stage

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