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    Please give the names and full addresses of two people who can verify or confirm your employment record. Both must be from either your line manager or the HR department at your current / last employer. Please do not use relatives, partners or friends as referees.

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    For posts which involve working with children, please give full employment history, accounting for any gaps (please continue on a separate sheet of paper if necessary).

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    Having read the job description, please state how your experience and achievements to date would make you a suitable candidate for this post.


    I declare that the information that I have given is complete and accurate and that I am not banned or disqualified from working with children nor subject to any sanctions or conditions on my employment imposed by the Independent Safeguarding Authority, Secretary of State or a regulatory body. I understand that to knowing give false information or omit any relevant information could result in the withdrawal of any offer of employment or my dismissal at any time in the future and possible criminal prosecution.

    I understand that any false information or deliberate omissions will disqualify me from employment or may render me liable to summary dismissal. I understand these details will be held in confidence by Children’s Corner for the purpose of on-going personnel administration and pay role administration in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. I undertake to notify Children’s Corner immediately of any changes to the above details.

    Given the nature of the job for which I have applied, I understand that any offer of employment will be subject to information on my criminal records being disclosed to the Company by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

    I can confirm that I have completed this form myself, if this form has been completed by a third party please give details below.

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