Family Time Programme

Because we know that family life can be hectic and comes with its fair share of unexpected surprises, we’ve put together a menu of helpful Little Extras designed to make your life a little easier.

When things get tough and you need a helping hand please do just give us a call. Whatever your situation, we will always try our best to help you through.

The Children’s Corner Family Time Programme also includes a selection of carefully considered special events. These are intended to facilitate quality, productive family time alongside other families, within our settings and supported by our team.

Taking part in our Malawi March around Roundhay park

Emergency Childcare Cover

In a fix and without childcare on a day when your child is not usually booked into nursery? We often have room to spare and will always try our best to accommodate you.

Supply Shop

There is nothing worse than going to a drawer and realising you're down to the last nappy or you've completely run out of baby wipes. With a busy life it's not always easy to nip out at lunchtime or to drag your little one round the supermarket at the end of the day. We now stock some essentials such as nappies, wipes, dummies and Sudocrem.

Take Away Meals

Home cooked food can be ordered to collect with your child on those days when you’re struggling for time in the kitchen. Provided we have a few hours’ notice from you, we can prepare and package a hot or cold nutritious meal for your little one; so you can take a little bit of nursery home with you and enjoy a stress free meal time.

Hair Cutting

Haircuts can be a traumatic experience for both children and parents but we can help to take some of the stress away. We have worked with a hair dresser for several years, who visits our settings every 6-8 weeks to cut hair in familiar surroundings.

Please let us know if you would like to book a haircut at a cost of £5. You are welcome to drop in if the hair dresser is visiting on a day when your child does not usually attend nursery.

Shoe Fitting

Don't you just hate the trauma of getting new shoes? You are not alone! Many parents have told us they dread the trip to the shoe shop due to the slow service to be fitted, and often limited choices when new shoes are needed.

We have partnered with the wonderful teams from Hopscotch in Chapel Allerton and Trendy Steps in Pudsey. They make regular visits to the nursery and can check your child's current shoes in order to let you know if they need changing. The service is provided free of charge and we can let you know when the team will next visit your child’s setting.

Parcel Delivery

Parcel delivery is never at a time convenient to you, and then when you miss it you have to wait days for re-delivery or travel across town to collect it. Have your parcel delivered to nursery and we’ll sign for it and keep it safe for you to pick up at the end of the day.

All we ask is that parcels are of a reasonable size, and that you let us know to expect something.

Family Photo Sessions

A photographer visits our nursery settings annually to take photos of children and their families. Ask the manager at your setting for more details.

Dry Cleaning

Drop off your washing and we can have it laundered and smelling sweet in no time! Ask your nursery manager for details about costs and lead times.

Busy Bags

Our series of Busy Bags are designed for you to share with your child at home; they contain all the resources you need to enjoy activities together. From recipes and ingredients for baking to quick puzzles and games to support learning, there’s lots of fun to be found! Busy Bags are a fun and easy way for you to share what your child has been learning at nursery; they are great fun and they get you and your child working together. Why not Grab a Busy Bag next time you visit?

Don’t forget to tell us what you have enjoyed by posting on your child’s timeline!

Family Time Events

The Children’s Corner Family Time Programme also includes a selection of carefully considered special events. These are intended to facilitate quality, productive family time alongside other families, within our settings and supported by our team.

  • Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day

    Bacon butties for Dads on Father's Day and afternoon cream teas for Mums on Mother's Day! Some special time to dedicate to your little one, enjoy our facilities and take some time out of your busy schedule with the support of our team.

  • Festival Celebrations: Diwali, Eid, Holi, Easter, Navaratri, Chinese New Year, Christmas

    These events are a joyful feast for the senses. Expect to find our nurseries decked out in colourful splendour, music befitting the occasion and our team in their best party attire!

    Guests are invited to get involved with creating colourful decorations and enjoy a buffet of traditional food and drink. Whether it’s confectionery for Diwali or dumplings for Chinese New Year, you might get to enjoy something you’ve never tried before!

    We often welcome special guests, including mums and dads, who tell us all about the festival we are celebrating and lead traditional activities. You’ll certainly be meeting Santa and exchanging gifts at Christmas, you might learn some traditional dance moves for Navaratri and you are likely to or get messy with brightly coloured sand or paints and chalks during Holi. Without doubt, we will hide and seek chocolate eggs at Easter and we will create a colourful show of lights for Diwali.

    This is a fun time to spend with your children and we shall endeavour to send you home with some hand-made joy and some new cultural knowledge too!

  • Sports Days

    All the traditional fun and games feature in our sports days including egg and spoon races, sack races and special events for parents - so we can crown our fastest Mum and our strongest Dad!

  • Craft afternoons

    Let loose on our craft supplies – we’ve got the lot, from chalk and wax crayons to paints and glitter glue. Enough to let your creativity run riot! Sometimes we club together and create a giant piece of art such as a huge bird with individually crafted feathers, created by parents and children.
  • Parents’ Evenings

    Whilst you are welcome to visit us for a chat at any time, these events are designed especially for you to visit your nursery setting to meet our whole team and some of our other parents. Exclusively for parents, you are invited to review your child’s observations and reports with their Key Worker and to discuss next steps and any forthcoming transitions.

    Ask your nursery manager about our next event to book a place.

  • Learning Events

  • Family Fundraisers for the Open Arms Orphanage, Malawi

    We sometimes take for granted being able to provide love, warmth, food and care for our children. Not all children are so lucky. Several years ago we adopted Open Arms Orphanage in Malawi as our nursery charity and we support them in several ways. Find out More.

    From time-to-time we host special fundraising events for the charity, and we welcome donations throughout the year – of clothing, toys and funding. 

  • Makaton Baby Signing Sessions

    Join us to see Makaton used within our setting and learn some key signs through song and play led by our team.