Inspire Your Budding Palaeontologist

The Leeds Jurassic Trail was a highlight of our summer holidays.

Our pre-schoolers enjoyed searching for the majestic animatronic dinosaurs hidden across the city centre, collecting stamps with their grown-ups, and telling their friends all about their fascinating adventures once safely back in Nursery!

As this is such an intriguing topic for early years children, we extended the dino-themed learning into nursery. If you have a budding palaeontologist at home, you can feed their interest with these roarsome activity ideas.

Dino Play Scene
Create a prehistoric scene in a shoebox or plastic container using natural resources such as rocks, sticks and leaves. In Nursery we added a swamp to our ‘small world’ tuff tray. Add dinosaurs and encourage your child to act out scenes and situations between the figures.

Design a Stegosaurus
Draw the outline of a stegosaurus onto plain paper. Help your child cut out triangles of different coloured paper and arrange the scales in a pattern onto the steggy’s back. How many different patterns can your child make? This is a good maths activity too.

Feed the Dino
Glue a dinosaur face onto a box and cut out a mouth. ‘Feed’ the dinosaur with sticks, leaves or dried pasta ‘bones’. Older children can use tweezers. Fine motor coordination, the strengthening of muscles in the fingers, hand and wrist, is essential for children beginning to write. At Nursery, we stuck small dinosaurs to the window and let babies peel them off the glass. We also wrapped them up in wool and let little hands unravel them.

Skeleton Dig
Flatten playdough onto a tray and create a skeleton impression using different tools. Press different shaped dried pasta into the playdough to design your own dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur Role Play

Walking and moving like a dinosaur never gets boring and makes a walk to the shops much more exciting. Your child can create scenarios and act out frustrations, roaring like a T-Rex and running like a velociraptor!

Virtual Museum Interactives
There are a wonderful array of adventures awaiting your child at online museums. Discover the Natural History Museum without having to travel down to London.