The Benefits of coming to Nursery

If this is the first time your child has attended nursery, we understand that you may have some worries. As a family run business, we hope we can put your mind at rest: we pride ourselves on our warm loving home-from-home environment which will help your child to settle in quickly. Plus, studies show that going to nursery is highly beneficial for developing your child’s social and everyday skills.


Attending nursery might be the first time your little one has spent a few hours away from you. This independence can nurture self-confidence as they learn to complete tasks by themselves. Meeting new children and adults and visiting different places will help their confidence to grow and build a foundation which prepares them for life in the outside world.

Learning New Skills

Starting nursery can be an exciting new adventure for young children and will nurture a wide range of new skills. Activities such as messy or water play, which can be difficult to set up at home, will foster your child’s curiosity and imagination. Personal skills such as washing their hands before they eat and hanging up their own coat will be developed. We follow the government’s EYFS curriculum which covers seven key areas of learning deemed essential for a child’s early years development. We have free flow between our indoor and outdoor spaces so children can head outside to explore, climb, and jump, creating an understanding of the world around them. Spending lots of time outdoors has proven benefits to children’s health and development.

Social Skills

Children will learn about interacting with other adults and children, gaining an understanding of other people’s feelings. Taking turns, listening, and communicating their feelings are all skills that your child will learn at nursery. Mealtimes are an important part of the day; your child will sit at a table with their friends and practice with cutlery – you may be surprised by the new foods your child is willing to try at nursery! Our in-house cooks prepare a nutritionally balanced menu of seasonal dishes and healthy snacks incorporating lots of delicious fruit and vegetables.


Attending nursery provides young children with a routine and structure to their day which can establish a feeling of security. This foundation enables children to play a more active role in tasks such as washing hands before meals and tidying up at the end of the day.

  • Making New Friends
    Nursery is the perfect opportunity for your child to begin forging first friendships. Even when simply playing side by side with another nursery age child, children will be aware of each other and may start imitating each other to establish a connection. They will enjoy group games and role play activities that are hard to recreate at home.

Preparation for School
Nursery is a useful way to ease your child’s transition to starting school. Taking part in structured activities, spending time with peers and listening to instructions from nursery staff will help your child feel prepared for life at ‘big school’ when the time comes

You Time
Looking after an energetic preschooler can be full on, especially if you are trying to work from home. Letting us take over for the day will allow you to complete the tasks you need to without interruption – and maybe even finish a cup of tea in peace!