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Children from Malawi

This last academic year has certainly brought challenges for us all, both in the UK and in Malawi. Charlie, our lead trustee was due to travel out in April this year and had resigned from his teaching post to move across to Malawi for the foreseeable future to run the charity for us. However, none of us were prepared for the global pandemic, COVID-19, which has turned the world upside down and months later the African borders still remain closed.


In the last academic year we had two visits to Malawi, in summer 2019 and in February 2020, more of which you will see later. Every penny we raise is spent directly on the children and their communities, not admin or travel expenses for us or our visitors, and our goal is to be as reactive as possible to the challenges faced by our communities.


If you can help in any way, and there are more ideas in this newsletter then please get in touch.


Thank you to all of you who support our charity and those we help in Malawi.

Parent with Child in Hospital

In addition, we have been able to provide:

  • Funding to provide training for the Cape Maclear Child Protection Group in safeguarding, child trafficking and child labour.
  • Reusable sanitary wear for the older girls so they could continue their education with dignity and no interruptions, bought from a Malawi company to support local business.
  • Funds for a hospital visit for a young girl who was being measured for a wheelchair.
  • 36 laptops which were donated to us by a school in Oxford were upgraded with Microsoft Office and were taken to a local school.
  • And of course we sponsored over 80 children to go to school, to have a new uniform and for their families to have a bag of maize each. All of this was with your help. The Malawi community and ourselves can’t thank you enough.

In summer 2019 we took two of our Children’s Corner staff, Hannah and Stacey, to Malawi with us to share good practice and experience for themselves what the charity is doing.


We started in Blantyre visiting Open Arms Orphanages who do so much good work in Malawi, taking gifts for their staff and spending time with the children.


We also visited BEIT Cure hospital and handed out lots of teddies, dolls and knitted clowns (thank you so much to Granny Sue and Auntie Joan) together with biscuits.


Our journey from Blanytre to Thyolo nursery (sister nursery to Mango Tree) took us through the tree plantations.

Child receiving a gift
Children Learning in Malawi

“Our team all enjoyed a successful and emotional trip.
You literally couldn’t wipe the smile from my face!”

– Stacey Oseni